Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oregon Day 6

Friday, November 13. REALLY light day. I have a lesson scheduled with Linfield’s tubist @12:30, then the concert at 7:30. I’m ready to go. We’ll see how the day progresses….

I met with Megan at about 12:45 and we worked for way over an hour. Joan and I took a ride into town to get some supplies for the house. When we got home, I was feeling kind of sneezy, so I took a couple of Benedryl and promptly fell asleep! My iPhone alarm woke me up at 6:30, I got dressed and headed for the concert.

We played at the First Baptist Church of McMinnville, a nice place for a concert. Joan narrated the concert, reading program notes before each work performed. It is obvious that she has created quite a rapport with the Linfield audience.

I played pretty well. The guest conductor, Jeff Hornik, prepared the accompaniment very well. The audience was very gracious, and I played my encore. I boffed the VERY ending of if a bit, so I played it twice! Live music wahdaygonnddoaboudit?

At the end of the concert, I spoke with few people about the though of coming up to Salem once a month to do some teaching. There seemed to be some real interest in this so I'll work on this when I get home.

After we went to a little hotel downtown for some food and I had risotto. I got home about 10:15, read a while & reflected upon the week. As much as I love doing these out of town engagements, it’ll be great to be back at 321 Dallas soon!

Tomorrow, I hang at Joan’s awhile and leave for Salem around noon to catch the 3:37 Coast Starlight bound for San Jose, and point south.

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