Friday, July 24, 2009


Funny thing. As far as thefts have been in my life, I've been pretty lucky.

The first thing I had stolen was an 8 track player out of my '72 Pinto. I KNOW someone I knew stole it, because it was installed in the glove box, and the only way someone knew it was in my car, was if they got a ride from me and was sitting right beside me in the passenger seat!

While playing a run of "Annie" up in San Francisco, my wallet went missing. The person who got my wallet charged $3,500 on my ATM card at a porno shop. And spent several hundred dollars on another card at a Chevron buying groceries. That person was also using my driver's license. Really, Mr. or Ms. Cashier, the guy using my cards looks like me? I had to get a new license. New number and the whole thing. I can remember the number I had on my old license (I've had it since I was 14) but I have been unable to learn the new number. Luckily, I was on a first name basis with my banker, and since I had the foresight to fill out a police report, I was out NO money. All charges cancelled, case closed.

The next theft was pretty recent. Someone stole my ladder. Linda bought me one of those really cool ladders that you've seen advertised at 3 AM on the local access channel. The ladder that can be used as a one-piece or can be folded in half, or dismantled, and used as a frame, like a scaffold. Nice ladder. Heavy, expensive. SHIT!

The next theft was just last night, at BCMW. We have a cash box that we use to hold cash for photo sales, and t-shirt sales and various other cash transactions, like grocery shopping. In addition, we do an 'opportunity drawing' for various items, such as music stands, instrument stands, and other Objects d'Art. The way the game goes is you write your name on a 20-dollar bill and throw it in a french horn case. On Friday night bills are drawn and the winners chose their prizes. Bastard took all the bills out of the horn case. This money is used for scholarships. This means that due to the theft, there will be a number of people will NOT be able to attend BCMW next summer.

I hope the person who ripped us off, is hungry, homeless or down on their luck and they really need the money. If not, I hope they get hit by a bus.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Funny Story

Chris Waage, a friend from FB, mentioned something on my page that made me think of this funny story. I was talking about Benny Hill and he (Chris) told about an episode of Benny Hill where the short, bald guy was playing trombone, and he couldn't hit the high note, so he SANG the pitch.

Years ago, with the old San Jose Symphony, for a Pops Concert, we had Cleo Laine & John Dankworth. These two do a GREAT show and it was a pleasure being on stage with these two jazz legends. On one of the tunes, there is a tuba solo that has an optional double high c (above the "Encounters II" high Bb). There are two alternates, one of which goes to 3 ledger line g, and the 'easy' one which falls to middle c. I CAN play the double c, but it is a little more that a squeal some days. At the time, I was preparing "Encounters," so my falsetto was in good order and singing & playing was in my wheelhouse at the time. I practiced Mr. Dankworth's solo with the 'safer' high g options. But at the rehearsal, I just couldn't help myself and at the last minute, I SANG the double c, clearly and strongly as if Pavarotti himself were belting it out. Of course, the colleagues to my right (the trombones) were laughing their asses off because they knew what I had done, and, honestly, it wasn't pretty. Dankworth's eyes LIT UP and he stopped the orchestra. He said, "Ladies & Gentleman, I have NEVER heard a tubist play that note with such strength & clarity before. Well, done!"

Each of the next 3 nights, I did the same, and each night I got John's thumbs up.

Ya just never know.