Monday, November 16, 2009

End of Oregon trip

Saturday, Nov 14. Slept in, packed and had a nice breakfast with Joan & Paul. They dropped me off at the Salem train station and I decided to upgrade to a bigger room on the 11 train, the Coast Starlight south. Elaine at the station was very helpful and was able to save me some money by finagling the tickets around. I had a few hours to kill so Elaine took care of my tuba while I went to a sports bar across the street. I had been in contact with an old HS friend who lives in Salem. I got her phone number through Facebook and I gave her a call. In no time, Karen Hansson and her husband Al came by the bar and we had a WONDERFUL visit. We spoke about old times and between Karen and (mostly) me, poor Al couldn't get in a word edgewise. The 11 was right on time and I got on board and settled in to my room. I met a fellow, George, who was traveling to SJ to visit family for T'giving. I had dinner with Ron who was also heading south for T'Giving. He grew up in La Honda, and was around there in the 60's. He had some stories to tell about the Hell's Angels, and Neil Young, who lived next door. Jack Kerouac did his greatest work while living in La Honda. I turned in early.

Sunday AM, I had breakfast with an elderly gentleman, who didn't talk much. I was really hungry so I asked for both the omlet AND french toast. Jack, the dining car steward, ok'd the request. The Capitol Corridor train had some problem, so we were sidetracked to pick up some passengers who were being dropped off in Hayward, Fremont and Santa Clara. Our train hit Diradon Station right on time anyway. LC was there to pick me up and took me right home.

As much as I love my sorties out of town, it is GREAT to be home. OWO tonight!!!

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