Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bucket List

Bucket List 

The Jack Nicholson, Morgan Freeman movie of this name has me thinking about what I’d like to accomplish on the back side of my life. For those of you who don’t know what a bucket list is, a Bucket list is a list of things you would like to do before you “Kick the Bucket.” On Facebook, there was a bucket list of sorts, but it came from somewhere else and I just made X’s in the boxes. So here’s my REAL bucket list. 

1 – Taking the train, see a baseball game in every Major League Stadium. No explanation needed.

2 – RV’ing (a small one) to ALL of the National Parks. I haven’t seen Zion, Yellow Stone, Mt Rushmore, not to mention ANYTHING in New England.

3 – Sturgis. HAVE to do this once -

4 – The 4 corners. Motorcycle From Blaine, WA to San Ysidro, CA, to Key West, FL to Madawaska, ME. More about this here:

5 – The Alaska Highway. I could probably do this on a sidecar rig, maybe a Ural -

6 – Drive the Autobahn. Going 150+ mph boils my blood just THINKING about it.

6a – If I can’t do #6, I want to drive a fuely -

7 – Take the train all over Europe. At least they have a system that works.

8 – LIVE in Switzerland for a year. IF I could only speak German!

9 – Play Fred Tackett’s “Yellow Bird.” I’m running out of time on this one!

10 – Eat the PERFECT pizza. This is a lifelong quest. Perhaps I could get corporate funding for this.

11 – Go up the Eiffle Tower, same Empire State Bldg.

12 – See the Pyramids. They STILL don’t really know how they built those things!

13 – Get a bit part in a movie, TV show or commercial. “Good shot, Red Six!” I can DO this! Are you listening Mister Lucas?

14 – Conduct a major symphony. Just ONCE.

15 – Cruise the Panama Canal.

16 – Buy Property. My DREAM is to own 40 acres of beautiful land. Nevada County would be ideal. 20 acres would be ok, too.

17 – Do the 48 States Tour.

 You’ll notice many of these involve travel. Since I haven’t DONE much travelling, I better get started!

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  1. 7 - So long as you mean mainland Europe; the UK rail industry, alas, is a different sort of beast

    8 - I've met lots of people from Switzerland and, like the Scandinavians, they're multilingual; you could probably survive with English and a smattering of Italian and French, unless you found yourself in some remote Alpine hamlet

    10 - not on the West Coast, you won't!

  2. I guess I DID mean mainland Europe. I spent SOME time in Switzerland and my Jr Hi French (from Miss Conway) did me NO GOOD whatsoever. My Dear, you are WOEFULLY correct about the pizza. Although Sal's in Campbell - is PRETTY good.

  3. You totally need to ride the blue ridge parkway. Follow the spring up from Georgia to Maine.

    Bring a motorcycle trailer along and it's some of the best camping on the Appalachians.

  4. I'm am DYING to ride the DRAGON - the Blue Ridge Highway