Monday, November 9, 2009

Oregon Day 2

Monday, November 9, day 2. CRAPPY night’s sleep. Woke at 2 AM and watch Law and Order reruns on local cable access TV. Finally, at 6, I succumbed to the tossing and turning, I got out of bed. I wrote in my blog then got up and went down to breakfast at the Phoenix Inn. I had eggs, sausage, bagel & coffee. My suit jacket was wrinkled when I removed it from my suitcase yesterday and oddly, it didn’t seem so bad this morning. Does is UNwrinkle hanging overnight? Anyway, it needed some touching up. With the iron & board in my room, I got SOME of the wrinkles that were left. Showered, dressed and waiting for Mary Lou to come get me at 8:45.

I got to the Jr Hi about 9 AM and I played and spoke with 3 bands. After a terrific lunch (I had coconut curry summer squash soup!) I went to the High School and rehearsed my solo. After school, I worked with the band’s two tuba players and the euphonium student, who’s name is Tony!

After that, Mary Lou took me on a nice driving tour of Salem. I saw Wilamette College, the revived downtown area, the river walk and other local hot spots. Then we drove through a part of Salem that looked just Like the Capitol Expressway In San Jose, YUCK! We then drove out east and saw miles of beautiful farm land. With the rain up here like it does, the land is green and lush, much like the Santa Cruz hills. We ended our drive at the Governor’s mansion, up in the east side hills. I was delivered safety to my hotel and will have dinner later with Mary Lou .

Had a nice dinner at a local ‘roadhouse.’ Turned in early, asleep by 9:15.

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