Monday, April 20, 2009

Trip Log, Day 3, Monday

April 20, Day 3, 8:04 AM

We got into Denver almost 4 hours late last night. We made up a little time and as of now, we are 3 hours behind schedule. There is some doubt as to whether or not the 6 train, the California Zephry, will meet up in time with the “Cap.”  If we stay 3 hours behind schedule, that’ll get us into Chicago at 6:50. The Cap leaves at 7:05. That will give us (and there are several of us) 15 minutes to make our connection. Typically the Zephyr makes Chicago 45 minutes to an hour early, so if we DO make up some time, we’ll be ok. Evelyn, in the dining car said, “If they have to get you a CAMEL, they’ll take care of you.” So I had some breakfast, stepped out onto the platform in Lincoln, Nebraska and now we are on our way.

 More later….


  1. That would be totally crap if you miss your connection!

  2. keep loggin', buddy, I'm soo living vicariously. I want to do the Zephyr some time.