Saturday, April 18, 2009

Trip Log, Day 1

10:03 AM

My dear Linda took me up to Emeryville to catch the California Zephyr heading out to Chicago.  We got off about 5 minutes late. By 9:05 I was ready for breakfast and they served an abbreviated meal, scrambled eggs, bacon, croissant, coffee, juice. I got back to my sleeper (train 631, room 2) and hooked the Mac up to my iPhone. Jake came over Thursday night to make sure I could get onto the internet with my Mac through the phone. It works like a charm as long as I have cell service. I logged right onto Facebook (what else?) and checked my email. As I write this we are going over the Carquinez Straight, near the mothball fleet. It is HOT in my compartment so I asked Miriam (train attendant) to look into the fan.


4:43 PM. I had lunch in the dining car. A turkey sandwich on something they call a “pretzel roll.” It tasted good, but wasn’t enough food to feed a little old lady. It came with a small salad, yes, Sandra a crappy SIDE salad. After lunch, I walked the train and stopped in the club car for a sandwich. I went back to my room and got out my mouthpiece and buzzed long tones and lip slurs for about 20 minutes. After a stop in Reno, during which I actually got OFF the train for 10 minutes, I came back to my room, put on the recording of the concerto and buzzed along with the recording. My biggest concern is actually having chops when I step off the train in Providence. I took a couple of pictures and posted them on Facebook, one of the photos is Miriam, my train attendant. She seems like a nice lady and hope to chat with her some more. The dining car guy, Jack, just came by and took my dinner reservation. I’ll eat at 5:30 tonight. I started reading one of my books, The Whole Truth by David Baldacci. It’s a spy thriller. After dinner, I plan on buzzing the concerto again, buzz some scales and in the TRITONE OF DEATH. More later….

 6:35 PM. I had dinner with a woman attorney, her son and his friend, from Sunnyvale. They live in Boulder right now and the boy plays the trombone. I’m going to buzz some more, wash up and watch STAR WARS!

 More tomorrow!

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