Friday, April 24, 2009

@ Rhode Island College

Day 1 at Rhode Island College

Rob took me to Cindy’s Diner, a GREAT little breakfast place. I played my tuba after 4 days and my chops felt like CRAP! I talked to some music students at 1:00 about the ‘biz’ and had a question answer period that was REALLY FUN. Rob and I went to Warwick to have dinner with Bryan & Heather Doughty. Bryan (of BVD Press) has been good to the TE & BCMW so it was great to meet them finally. We had a GREAT meal, seafood appetizers and REAL MAINE LOBSTER. WOW, what a treat. Got home late.

Day 2 at RIC – NO breakfast as I am still full from dinner. We had a Concerto rehearsal at 2:00. After we went to dinner at Wildfire. Where we had a GREAT appetizer plate and I had lobster ravioli. CANNOLI NIRVANA OCCURRED! Chocolate covered shells with peanut butter flavored ricotta. Dress rehearsal at 7:00. We did Silverado first, then Rob rehearsed the other pieces. My concerto came up about 8:45. It went VERY well and a good time was had by all. After, a few of us went to Murphy’s Bar downtown Providence. Got home late.


  1. You must be in heaven right now, combining two of your favorite things: TUBA & GOOD FOOD!!! ;-)

    (...along with the third thing: good company.)

  2. Wow. I have never been too full from dinner to skip breakfast. What a concept.