Sunday, July 15, 2012

Making music

I love playing concertos. If I could play a concerto a month, I would be a happy camper. Playing music that I love truly, the way I want to play it. Also, as a soloist, you can pick your own clothes. I wear a tux so often and tails and suits. When you solo, you can wear a pair of nice black slacks, with a silk (I love silk) shirt and a vest. Elegant, simple, comfortable. Standing (or sitting) up front, you can hear your sound out in the hall. One can connect with an audience in a way that is impossible sitting in the back of the orchestra. When I was younger, there were but a handful of tuba concerti; now there's a bunch. Gregson, Broughton, John Williams, Jager, Arutunian, Golland, Steptoe, Lundquist, Aho, Holmboe, the list goes on and on. Great fun!

After that, I'd love to have gig full time with a brass quintet, or a tuba quartet. Never have to deal with conductors, having real input into the musical product and kind of selecting my own gigs & venues. I love playing brass quintets. The repertoire is so much fun & challenging. I don't think I'll ever get tired of playing "Just a Closer Walk" or "Ain't Misbehavin." there are some serious works I like, too, Ewald, Arnold, duBois, Renwick "Dance," and others. I miss the old SJSBQ+1.

As much as I love sitting next to Phil, and see my friends at symphony, soloing and chamber music is really where it's at for me, musically.