Thursday, August 26, 2010

20 Random (RANDOM!) Thoughts

1 - I haven't seen a decent conductor in about 3 years.
2 - My favorite ice cream is vanilla from Dairy Queen.
3 - Hot Dog, or Hamburger? One of each, please.
4 - I have driven my car only ONCE (to the car wash) since I bought that silly van.
5 - I REALLY miss my little Sam. As cute as Lena is, I think about Sam every day.
6 - CC or F; I can't really make up my mind. F, I think. No CC.
7 - If I had enough money, I'd move to Switzerland, tomorrow, or Japan.
8 - I just don't get how people can like football. I just don't get it. Forget about soccer. At least in Hockey & Lacrosse, every one's armed.
9 - iPhone 4.0? Not until they figure out the antenna problem.
10 - I shoulda worked harder at baseball. With all the crappy pitching in the major leagues, I'm POSITIVE I could have made it. To AAA at least.
11 - F**k you, Chirco.
12 - FB has been great for me. I have made so MANY connections, it boggles my mind.
13 - I have an opportunity to go to China next May, but it means getting on an airplane. I may not go.
14 - Star Trek or Star Wars? I can't get enough of 'em.
15 - A Slice of NY on Stevens Creek Blvd has the ONLY decent cannoli I've tasted. La Villa Deli in Willow Glen is a close second (See you Sunday!).
16 - I wish I could get on a train for a month and not get off.
17 - If I were a rich man, I'd hire a cook, a dental hygienist, a chauffeur, a barber and a housekeeper to take care of all the crap I hate doing. Oh, and a masseuse for the obvious.
18 - Making music has GOT to be the best endeavor, except being a chocolatier.
19 - I wish I had more time to read. I have 5 books waiting for me on the shelf. AND I want to reread ALL of the Dune books. All 13 of them.
20 - I wonder what I'll have for dinner?